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If you are a musically inclined person and you plan to move somewhere else, you might be having a problem of transporting your piano with you. In this way, you need someone professional to do the job who knows very well how to handle a delicate thing like the piano.

Most of the pianos have a high gloss polyester finish that makes them durable inside your homes. However, in moving this kind of pianos, such finish can no longer stand the possible damages like scratches, dents and the like. Thus, removal specialist is definitely in need in this kind of scenario.

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As a world class and professional removal company, Top Moving can handle all sorts of removal services most especially on delicate things like the piano. With years of experience, we know how to give special attention to your piano with utmost care.

Top Moving’s edge over other piano removals companies:

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  • We are an established removals company who have been existent for many years and have gained a reputation of good standing.
  • We have already moved numerous pianos for households, schools, orchestras, restaurants and individuals.
  • We give your piano a complete insurance from all unforeseen and unfavourable circumstances.
  • There are no hidden charges on our quotes.
  • We do not subcontract your piano removal to any incompetent service providers. All are done by our company hired and properly trained staff.
  • All our staff is professional and have undergone meticulous hiring process and trainings.
  • We focus on giving our customers a complete satisfaction.

How we keep your pianos in shape?

We understand how important this is for you. That is why, we give our full dedication in handling your piano with utmost care. Here are the things that we usually do to protect your piano and to keep it in good condition:

  • We use high end equipment to lift, carry and move your piano like piano skid, piano trolley, and thick piano covers for protection while in transit.
  • All of our pianos are triple blanket wrapped. Its legs and lyre are individually wrapped as well.

Top Moving: A trustworthy piano removals company

Through the years, we have been proven and tested by many satisfied clients on our way of moving their pianos. Our systematic approach in dealing with this kind of removal has gained us the reputation of giving the best piano removals service that is second to none.

Our staffs are friendly and very accommodating. They always offer assistance to their clients whenever needed. They come in uniform to show to the clients how professional they are in dealing with every transaction.

After the piano has been properly placed and arranged in the destination, our staffs will never leave the place unless all the mess have been cleaned up. We value our customers very well as much as their properties. We always do things with utmost care.

We are very honest when it comes to billing our clients. We disclose everything in the quote and keep it in detail. There are no hidden or additional charges. What we quote is what we simply get.

So if you would like to entrust your pianos only to the professionals, entrust it with Top Moving. Call us at 0798-029-71-76 right now to discuss details on your piano removal.

So if you want a stress-free removal without having to worry on the costs, please feel free to contact us at 0798-029-71-76 or send us an email. Our professional staff will get back to you the soonest possible time.