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Moving the entire office can be very stressful than you can imagine. With all the people focusing on their individual job, you have left with no option but to call a professional removal company to do the removals for you.

At Top Moving, we are not just any ordinary removals company. We are the perfect team to help you with your office removals.

With years of reputable experience, we have proven our quality of work with our satisfied customers who keep coming back to us for a repeat transaction. We have never given them problems in terms of delay and improper handling of office equipment and furniture. We are always on top because we do things right in an extraordinary manner.

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Reasons why more and more offices require Top Moving to do the moving job:

Commercial Removals
  • Our services are done professionally and fully insured.
  • We conduct timely appointments that are convenient for you.
  • We offer services at a competitive rate.
  • We have a team leader to assist on your move 24/7.
  • We employ techniques to avoid breakage and damages on office materials.
  • We provide you with durable packaging materials to help facilitate a good move.
  • We are always available round the clock.

These are the office removal services that we offer, but are not limited to:

  • Professional consultation and planning
  • Assistance and packing services
  • Delivery of packed items or office equipment and furniture
  • Unpacking of goods at the destination

On-site Supervision

As our standard operating procedure, we always conduct viewing right after we agree on some terms during our consultation. Technically, we do some estimates as to how we would be able to carry out the job and what are the things needed to facilitate it.

During the actual move, we will do an on-site supervision and monitoring to ensure everything is done according to plan. We will check on the process step by step to make sure that all is done perfectly and on time.

Logistics Management

We will always keep track on the progress of the transportation and delivery of office goods. Top Moving will check on in to ensure that the delivery be made on time as well as checking on the safety of the goods. In the same manner, we will update you on this transaction and inform you right away if there are changes that need to be taken care of. We will always be honest with you in cases of irregularities in the said removal. We will not keep you waiting in vain and promise you things that are impossible to do.

Our Promise

We know how much you value your time. This is because in the corporate world, a downfall with just a single second is already detrimental to your business’ existence. Thus, at Top Moving, we promise to deliver you our services on time. We do not want to give you any worries as well as headaches during the course of our operations. We can help you attain your corporate goals by minimizing downtime and maximizing good outputs.

Please do not hesitate to call us at 0798-029-71-76 or fill out the form to help you with your removals. Call us today to arrange for an appointment to discuss with us your removal plans.

So if you want a stress-free removal without having to worry on the costs, please feel free to contact us at 0798-029-71-76 or send us an email. Our professional staff will get back to you the soonest possible time.